Lauren Sargeant Fitness Model Comp

About Lauren

Lauren Sargeant

Lauren Sargeant Is 25 years old and competed once and came 3rd in her category.

Lauren is really passionate about fitness and gym. I’m currently on prep to compete for PCA on September 15th. Lauren is competing 4 times this year, twice for pca , NFMUK and ukup.

She loves a routine. That’s why she enjoys prep so much because routine and consistency are key.

Lauren got into fitness about 5 years ago because she had an eating disorder and was anorexic, so she found her love for the gym to better her mind set and to set goals. Lauren set to build a booty and to gain weight to a healthy size for her. Once she achieved that she realised how addictive it was and wanted to take things further and that was to compete, which she did.

Lauren now wants to compete for this second year to better herself and beat her condition last year. Lauren's mind set is so much more healthier now and she much more positive. Gym has helped her in many ways but for the good! 

Lauren also has her own business, a hair salon with 9 people working for her. Lauren was 21 when she brought the business and it’s one of the best things she did. Lauren also do hair in the salon to!

Favourite Quote

Always trust the process, let the doubts and negative thoughts or comments add more fuel to the fire and prove yourself you can.

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.